What is my contract number?2018-06-06T21:07:45-05:00

You can find your unique Infotrac contract number in the upper left-hand portion of your Infotrac invoice.  If you don’t have a copy of your invoice feel free to call us at 800-535-5053 or email [email protected]

What is ER (Emergency Response)?2018-02-07T23:08:50-05:00

ER is a 24-hour emergency response telephone number required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) in 49 CFR 172.604.

Do I have to register with Infotrac in order to use their ER telephone number?2018-03-30T01:04:54-05:00


What is Infotrac’s international emergency response telephone number?2018-03-30T00:34:41-05:00


Does Infotrac’s domestic ER phone number, 1-800-535-5053, work in Canada?2018-03-30T00:34:25-05:00


Can my private label customer utilize Infotrac’s emergency response telephone number?2018-03-30T00:33:57-05:00

No, your private label customer must register with INFOTRAC separately.

My waste hauler uses Infotrac as part of their overall service, do I still need to register?2018-03-30T00:31:57-05:00
  • No, if your waste hauler is registered with us, then you do not need to register with INFOTRAC’s service.
  • Yes, if you are shipping hazardous materials via any other carrier, then you must register with INFOTRAC’s service
I’m looking for my supplier but the only phone number listed on my invoice is 800-535-5053. How do I contact my supplier?2018-03-30T00:33:21-05:00

Please try the internet, 411, or the supplier’s non-emergency response telephone number.

What is an SDS?2018-03-30T14:17:27-05:00

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for hazardous materials in the workplace. These SDS provide valuable information for employee safety.

Who need hazardous materials / dangerous goods training?2018-03-30T00:57:53-05:00

Any employee has anything to do with identifying, handling, packaging, marking, labeling, documenting, or otherwise preparing a hazardous material for shipment.

I’m registered with Infotrac, where do I send my SDS?2018-03-30T01:04:03-05:00

The SDS can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to Infotrac.

I want to request an SDS from an Infotrac SDS Management customer. What information do you need?2018-03-30T00:39:30-05:00

We will need SKU, UPC, Product Code, Product Name, Manufacturer, etc.

Does OSHA require an employer to maintain hard copy (paper) SDS?2018-03-30T00:40:58-05:00

No, 29 CFR 1910.1200(g)(8) indicates, Electronic access and other alternatives to maintaining paper copies of the safety data sheets are permitted as long as no barriers to immediate employee access in each workplace are created by such options.

What’s the minimum information needed for authoring a Safety Data Sheet?2018-03-30T00:52:50-05:00

Full formulation with C.A.S and percentages plus physical properties, but we can help with that

Which hazardous materials training/dangerous goods training do I need?2018-03-30T00:59:21-05:00

DOT 49 CFR training is for anyone shipping within the U.S. by ground, air, or vessel.

IATA training is for anyone shipping international by air or by FedEx air within the U.S.

IMDG is for shipping internationally by vessel

Can my employee ship without training?2018-03-30T00:59:48-05:00

The employee must be trained prior to shipping anything by IATA or IMDG.  However, DOT allows 90 days for initial training if the employee is supervised.

Do I have to take a FedEx or UPS hazmat training seminar in order to ship hazardous materials through them?2018-03-30T01:02:23-05:00

No. The training does not have to be provided by your carrier.

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