This year began with numerous exemption applications for the qualification of drivers related to vision, hearing, and epilepsy/ seizure disorders. FMCSA requires those seeking a commercial driver’s license meet certain physical and health criteria. When an induvial does not meet those requirements, an exemption can be obtained. Those approvals are published in the Federal Register and are public domain.
In May, revisions to the National Hazardous Materials Route Registry (NHMRR) were published. The NHMRR is a listing, as reported by States and Tribal governments, of all designated and restricted roads and preferred highway routes for transportation of highway route-controlled quantities of Class 7 radioactive materials (HRCQ/RAM) and non- radioactive hazardous materials (NRHM).
In August, a notice of proposed rule-making was issued related to Hazards Material Safety Permits. FMCSA is proposed amendments to its Hazardous Materials Safety Permits regulations to incorporate by reference the updated Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) handbook containing inspection procedures and Out-of-Service Criteria (OOSC) for inspections of shipments of transuranic waste and highway route controlled quantities of radioactive material. The OOSC provide enforcement personnel nationwide, including FMCSA’s State partners, with uniform enforcement tolerances for inspections. Currently, the regulations reference the April 1, 2021, edition of the handbook. Through this notice, FMCSA proposed to incorporate by reference the April 1, 2022, edition. The comment period for this proposal is still open.
Earlier this month, FMSCA proposed a ruling to narrow the scope of regulations from which relief is provided during an emergency. Through the proposed changes, the Agency would ensure that the relief granted through emergency declarations is appropriate and tailored to the specifics of the circumstances and emergency being addressed. The Agency also proposes revisions to the process for extending an automatic emergency exemption where circumstances warrant.
As we enter 2023, please know INFOTRAC will continue to monitor the Federal Register daily and supply updates as they are published. – Andie Denk