IATA, the International Air Transportation Association, has provided guidelines for traveling with lithium batteries and devices containing lithium batteries.   Even so, passengers should consult with their airline prior to travel in case additional restrictions are in effect.

The rules provided by IATA in the recent publication went into effect March 2018.  The guide includes:

  1. Types of batteries allowed and when to carry on or check
  2. Portable Electronic Devices (PED)
  3. Portable Medical Electronic Devices (PMED)
  4. Spare lithium batteries
  5. Electronic cigarettes containing batteries – “e-cigarettes”
  6. Baggage with integrated lithium batteries – “smart luggage”

To read the complete guide, you can download it here. http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dgr/Documents/passenger-lithium-battery.pdf

For other types of dangerous goods, IATA provides TABLE 2.3.A Provisions for Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers or Crew. http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/dgr/Documents/DGR-59-EN-2.3a.pdf